Kansas City SEO Specialist

As a small Kansas City SEO company, we specifically provide SEO services for Kansas City small businesses. We realize that small inner city businesses and firms are often overlooked as SEO specialists and agencies in Kansas City like to market themselves to the more prominent firms located in the suburbs of our wonderful city. Artistry SEO Consulting wanted to offer our services to the businesses in the community that we ourselves reside in.

Artistry SEO has immersed itself in Search Engine Optimization tactics and strategies for the past 6 years. Before going independent, The SEO Specialist has worked in-house for a large online company, in a small marketing firm and in a very large national advertising agency. And guess what? They all did the same thing. What does that mean for you? We’re a new business, not new at this. We can do everything a big agency does because we trained in a big agency. We work fast. We work diligently. We work for you. WE offer personal services, in office visits and complete honesty and transparency. We know what we’re doing and we have nothing to hide on how we do it.

Let us tell you a secret.

Search Engine Optimization is not rocket science. Is it intensely analytic and time consuming? Absolutely. Is it frustrating keeping up with algorithm changes? You have no idea. Do we love it? YES WE DO.

We have used a time tested and approved series of optimizations to help improve search results for your company.

We cannot guarantee number one positions for every term you want to rank for, no one can. If you ever encounter a search engine specialist that does, don’t hire them because it’s a guarantee that they are using tactics that Google and other search engines will notice and penalize you for. Besides the select group of Google employees privy to all of their illustrious secrets, no one knows all of the metrics the mighty Google looks at. We all just take pretty decent guesses. Through trial and error, we can confidently say pretty decent guessers.

At Artistry Kansas City SEO we promise:

  • 1. To only use White Hat SEO techniques.
    • –All of our links are natural. All of our writing is unique. We invest in you for the long term, not a quick buck.
  • 2. Quality Content
    • –In the world of SEO (and digital marketing in general) CONTENT IS KING. We write for your end consumer, not for Google. What’s the point of getting to the top result, if you can’t get a conversion? Remember folks, keyword density not keyword stuffing. There’s a difference.
  • 3. Industry Exclusivity
    • –We promise to never take on two clients with the same goals. If you are a Kansas City soul food restaurant looking for SEO, you can rest assured you are our ONLY Kansas City soul food restaurant on our client roster. We won’t and don’t compete against ourselves.