SEO Consultant

Artistry SE10710887_10203264672120161_8805819208218760740_nO is a start up Kansas City consulting firm started by Swan Griffin. She has over 6 years of advanced SEO experience and has worked both in-house and in advertising  agencies. Her resume includes being marketing manager for a national company, a analyst for a marketing firm and a organic strategist for one of the biggest advertising agencies in  Kansas City. She was born, raised and still lives within the inner limits of Kansas City and she recognizes the need within the community to build business and resources. Her goal is to help small businesses in the urban area of Kansas City to increase sales and conversions. Not  everyone has the budget to create and maintain a campaign that can easily run in thousands each month. But EVERY business CAN benefit from SEO and marketing. Swan has expert experience in SEO for service industry businesses. This includes plumbers, HVAC, contractors and construction companies, restaurants, lawyers and any other business where the aim is to sell a service rather than a product.


What makes Artistry SEO unique?

Every single member within this consultancy is a trained artist….including the founder. Why is this important? Its often that you find a SEO company with no care or concern for aesthetics of a website. Their main concern is ONLY functionality. And its often you find a design company that is ONLY concerned with the beauty of a site but don’t decide to make it compatible with the best SEO practices and these sites, while beautiful, DONT RANK ON SEARCH ENGINES.

At Artistry SEO we combine the best of both worlds in one business. Our goal is create beautiful, functional sites that are completely integrated to use the best SEO tactics and practices. What’s the use of a great site if no one can see it? We have the ability to transform our thinking from the creative colorful world of an artist to the business like analytical mind of a trained marketing research analyst with just the snap of a finger.

We don’t make guarantees, but we do make promises. we promise to put our best work forward in creating a comprehensive, functional and working SEO plan for your business. We promise to improve your websites or business performance. And we promise to do it right the first time.